Gettin' Stoked Outdoors is proud to announce they have joined forces with with HuntNdurance!


HuntNdurance is an entirely new line of Nutritional Bars, Energy Drinks and Shots developed with the Outdoor Enthusiast in mind.  The Energy Shots and Energy Drinks are Sugar Free and have a proprietary blend of ingredients, which have been designed to give you the “Endurance” and “Stamina” your body requires year round, as well as in the field. HuntNdurance products were developed for hunters, by hunters.


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Gettin' Stoked Outdoors was created for the purpose of bringing you the best and most down-to-earth hunting adventures we can.  The Gettin' Stoked team is made up of hunters just like you, guys that love to hunt big game, while at the same time have full-time jobs and families.  We will show you the ups and downs of hunting and plenty of over the shoulder action on both general season and limited entry permits that we have been lucky enough to draw, as well as a few guided hunts.  So come along with the Gettin' Stoked Outdoors team as we travel in search of trophy-class big game animals.


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Let's face it...if you're like us, you dream about hunting in Alaska.  But many of us don't have the means or the contacts to make this dream a reality.  Above Alaska Aviation is the contact we trust to put us on big game animals and they can do the same for you!  If you're looking for an unforgettable D.I.Y Alaska hunting adventure, their skilled bush pilots will take you into areas only accessible by aircraft.  Don't spend your hard earned vacation hunting with everyone else; let them take you to remote areas with little or no pressure from other hunters.  They routinely land on remote mountain strips and gravel bars, giving you access to vast, untouched areas perfect for both rifle and bow hunters looking for bear, caribou and moose.


The Gettin' Stoked Outdoors team has already booked our hunt for 2014, so if your dream is to hunt big game animals in Alaska, contact Above Alaska Aviation today and let your dream become a reality!

Grizzly Mountain Outfitters offers hunts for big Northern Alberta whitetail during the rut.  Winter wolf hunts and trap line adventures run January through March.  Spring black bear hunts start the first Saturday in May and run until the middle of June.  They average over 6 feet with 7 foot plus bears killed every year.  Each year bears are taken that exceed P&Y, SCI and the odd B&C.


The Gettin' Stoked Outdoors team spent a week in the spring of 2013 with Grizzly Mountain Outfitters and took two really nice bears.  The rustic accommodations were great and the food was excellent.  You won't find a better bear camp in Northern Alberta!  Contact Eldon Skrynyck and book your Canadian black bear hunt today.

If you are looking for an exceptional spring black bear hunt in northern Saskatchewan, you've come to the right place.  Bear Paw Outfitters offers the finest black bear hunting opportunities in the world.  With thousands of miles in our management area, Bear Paw Outfitters provides a 95% harvest rate, big black bears and 10-25% color-phase harvest.  You won't find a better bear camp than Bear Paw Outfitters!


The Gettin' Stoked Outdoors team hunted with Bear Paw Outfitters in the spring of 2013 and returned home with two awesome black bears.  The camp and accommodations were excellent and the bear hunting was even better!  We even had some time to fish for northern pike and walleye on the nearby Deschambault Lake.  So if you've ever wanted to hunt big black bears in northern Saskatchewan, look no further than Bear Paw Outfitters!

Our friends at Black Ice Coatings have what it takes to make your ordinary things look brand new and custom.  Black Ice is an extremely durable coating that makes your gun virtually weatherproof.  It sheds water like no other coating can.  Recently we had a couple rifles done and they turned out awesome!


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Summit Taxidermy does an amazing job to preserve your trophy and capture your hunting memories forever.  Be sure sure to contact Stephen Woolstenhulme and have your  next hunt immortalized with quality taxidermy that is second to none!

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